But What Now?


Rory and me at the grand canyon low res

Since Rory passed away, I’ve had this feeling.

I can’t let it be for nothing.

But here’s the thing.

It was appendicitis.

There’s no “Race for the Cure”. It’s something that has a cure.

There are no groups for appendicitis.

There’s nothing to get behind surrounding her condition or death.

Then I thought. This is what I have.

I have my words.

I have my story.

I have her story.

I’m going to take a leap from Facebook posts and open up to others. Those I might not know yet. But we need each other’s stories.

We need each other’s love.

4 thoughts on “But What Now?”

  1. Iā€™m so impressed with your willingness and courage to open up. You have such a beautiful gift with words and I can feel your pain through the sentences. Thank you for trusting us with this sacred endeavor.


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