Our Honda Odyssey

As we were prepping to have twins we decided we were going to get a minivan. A beautiful Honda Odyssey. I wanted automatic sliding doors so I could open them before I approached with my arms full of car seats.

We bought our van five months before the twins were born. We were excited!

All of our kids were brought home from the hospital in our van.

All our family vacations have been in this van.

To and from appointments, school, friends’ houses, stores, etc.

This van is part of our family.

But it’s 14 years old with over 230,000 miles.

She’s still running well, but there’s this sick feeling now. How much longer?

8 months ago I was excited about the prospect of getting a new van.

But that was when my family was whole.

Now, I have this fear.

If I get a new van, will I still feel Rory around me as I drive?

4 thoughts on “Our Honda Odyssey”

  1. Oof. I remember when you bought that van. It’s definitely part of the family. I don’t know how it will feel….maybe a new van for new memories? Hugs my friend. ❤️


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