That Feeling. She’s Here.

I’ve stated a few times that I’ve had experiences that tell me Rory still exists and that she’s still around.

I haven’t specifically shared them because they’re personal and some are sacred to me.

But I want to share the one I had today.

I’ve had something weighty hanging over my head the last few days. I keep thinking, where does this leave me and what am I going to do next?

That’s what I was doing at church today. I had my eyes closed and I was partially praying, partially thinking those questions. What am I going to do?

Then out of no where.

She was there.

In my mind.

Sitting in the pew in front of me, turning around smiling at me. Her beautiful red hair framing her face. Fingers gripping the back of the pew.

I opened my eyes.

I couldn’t see her.

But for a moment she let me know that she’s still here.

She loves me.

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