Star Wars

We’re a Star Wars family. I grew up watching it. When the movies were rereleased, I saw all three in the theater.

When they came out with new ones! Yay!! I stayed up until midnight (on my high school graduation night) and watched The Phantom Menace. (I almost fell asleep multiple times.)

With my kids, particularly Rory, I was so excited for Star Wars: Force Awakens. Rey is an amazing leading lady. She’s kind, strong, and loving. She was abandoned by her family but still cares about a little robot that comes across her path.

I loved this Jedi for my daughter.

As I go through my everyday life I like to think of ways to include Rory in it still.

I like to point out things she would have liked.

Things I would have liked for her.

Things that make me think of her.

Earlier this month we met my mom, dad, sister and her family at Boondocks. There was this cardboard cut out of Rey that we can “buy” with tickets.

I thought of Rory.

I’d have loved to put that in her room. Celebrate a strong woman with her.

I mentioned to my parents that I thought it was cool.

A few days later, this arrived.

I think of Rory. With every glance.

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