Thank you, Allison Morgan, for teaching me and our girls.

One of the questions I get when people hear my That night story is, “How did you know CPR?”

The first time I was asked, my thought was, doesn’t everyone? CPR has just been a part of my life since I was 12.

In our church young women from ages 12-18 go on a camp out every summer. Part of the certification process is learning CPR and first aid. So every summer, I’d get a refresher course in CPR.

Then when I was 23 and pregnant with the twins, Lance and I got CPR certified. We wanted to make sure we knew how to do first aid on infants. It’s different than with adults.

After that I spent a few years working with the young women of our church and so every summer I got a refresher course of how to perform CPR.

Things change slightly. Like how many compressions before you give breath but the motions have pretty much stayed the same.

My compressions. My breath. Didn’t save Rory’s life That night.

But I know I did everything I could.

If you don’t know CPR, learn it. You never know what life is going to bring.

5 thoughts on “CPR”

  1. Good advice. And Iā€™m so sorry you had to do that for your baby. šŸ˜¦ Amazing that you were clear-headed and calm enough. Bless your heart.


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