One More Angel in Heaven

After we moved across town, we attended a different congregation of our church. On that Sunday, the first people to introduce themselves was a cute older couple, Dick and Donna Pexton.

They were kind and welcoming.

It wasn’t long until we realized we had something in common. We’d both had a child pass away. Ours was fresh, theirs was 60 years ago. But it bonded us.

A few weeks ago they realized Donna’s cancer would not be cured. I had the opportunity to sit with them. Talk with them. Love them.

Last week, Lance and I had the opportunity to sit with them again. This was different. She was near the end.

There was such beauty, in a hard situation. I witnessed a daughter laying next to her mom, holding her hand, caring for her. I witnessed a loving husband, looking after his lifelong sweetheart.

I’m sure that situation didn’t change much until Donna passed away Sunday night.

My first thought was how happy that reunion must have been between Donna and her baby boy. He’s been waiting a long time to hold his mom again.

As I sat there with Dick and Donna that day, my spirit cried out to her spirit, “Give my girl a hug too. She gives really good ones.”

I hope Rory’s found Donna. She’s spunky too. They’d really get along.

Love you, Dick and Donna.

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