More Like Her

Rory had a wonderful 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Bohls. She loved Rory. I could tell from our first conversations and emails.

After Rory’s passing, I had a few opportunities to talk with her, mourn with her.

One of the times she said something that has stuck with me. It was something like, when I get to Heaven, I’m going to ask God, why her. Because, “We need more kids like Rory in this world.”

Rory wasn’t a perfect child. She required patience. But she had two characteristics that were amazing:

She forgave readily.

She apologized quickly.

When she would accidentally hurt someone, she would repeat, “I’m sorry.” She wasn’t prideful, she wanted to make things better. And she didn’t want the other person to be in pain.

There was a time that Rory was going out to play with a friend. As Rory was leaving, she said, “I hope she uses nice words with me.” The last time Rory had played with this friend, the girl wasn’t the nicest. But Rory didn’t hold it against her. She forgave. She was weary, but forgave her.

Rory still loved her friend.

That’s what happens when you forgive and apologize quickly.

You love. Christ-like love.

I want to love like Rory, so there’s another “Rory” in this world.

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