The Love of a Dad

After Rory passed away, so many decisions needed to be made.

The hard thing about unexpected death, we had never given a single thought to what we’d do if one of our kids passed away. So, everything is planned in the middle of shock and grief.

I feel very lucky. My dad stepped up those days. He went to the mortuary. He got all the information and did as much as he could.

There was a point that we were talking in the doorway of a bedroom about plans and money.

My dad said, “You will not pay to bury your daughter.”

I remember tears rolling down my cheek.

It wasn’t the money.

I knew no matter what, my dad was going to be there. He was going to help us through this.

He did.

In so many ways. Even when it tore him apart to do it.

Especially with the viewing. He ensured Rory looked perfect.

Down to her imperfectly perfect painted nails.

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