Final Resting Place

One of the decisions that needed to be made, and rather quickly, was the final resting place. Again, not something we’d ever thought about for one of our kids. Heck, even ourselves!

Lance and I are from Arizona. We lived about ten years in Maryland. We moved to Utah to live closer to family while our kids were growing up.

Our house had just sold, we were about to move an hour from where we were living.

Nothing felt right.

After laying in bed half the night thinking, I told Lance, “I think we should cremate her.”

Without hesitation, he agreed.

The above are very physical reason. There was a big emotional one:

We couldn’t bear to be parted from her yet.

This is all that remains of the body of our beautiful, spirited daughter that was constantly making us laugh.

We were not ready to let go.

So, we picked a vibrant urn, that reminded us of her. Her resting place is with us. In our family room.

It’s not the right choice for everyone but it was for us.

The Rory corner of our family room.

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