One Year





One year.

To some extent, it feels arbitrary. We’ve already had 364 tear-stained days. Why does 365 hurt more?

It’s the memories.

The missing.

Getting through firsts.

The sad realization that this one year is indicative of the rest of our lives.

I think it’d be easier to stay curled up in bed today.

Instead, I’m going to hug my boys, my husband, my family.

I want to share her love today. To remember her. To honor her.

She was light.

She is light.

She will always be light.

4 thoughts on “One Year”

  1. We are there with you remembering, mourning, celebrating, baking chocolate chip cookies for all the neighbor friends so we can help them remember her light!


  2. Been thinking of your family today. What a precious girl! That face! That smile! That Hair! That personality coming throught he picture! Remembering Rory today and always. Your beautiful baby girl. Sending so many hugs to you.


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