I Know Who I Married

A couple months after Rory passed, I was reminded that many marriages, that experience a child loss, end with divorce.

I understand.

Life is hard for each individual person in our family. Lance and I each have a backpack filled with emotional boulders, disappointment rocks, and day to day rubble.

When life is already heavy, it sometimes feels impossible to take on someone else’s struggles.

But that’s key in a relationship.

But that also feels impossible.

I want to say, “I can’t take that on. I can’t deal with that right now.”

I have said it.

Until I can take a deep breath and look at my hubby.

The one I picked 19 years ago. And every day since.

The one that I’ve struggled infertility with.

The one I travel with.

The one that supports me in my goals.

The one that I had 4 kids with.

The one that provides for our family.

There’s a line in Hamilton, “I know who I married.”

It’s true, I know that man I married.

More importantly, I know the man that has stood by my side for 19 years.

I know the more amazing man he continues to become.

Our relationship is worth fighting for.

He’s worth far more than the extra weight that might get thrown my way every once in a while.

2 thoughts on “I Know Who I Married”

  1. Thank you for this. I’ll be sharing it with my hubby tonight because we have felt and shared the rocks and boulders of our trials and it *has* been so overwhelming at times but it is so very worth it because of who/what we are becoming together. So much love to you both.


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