This Time With Purpose

Last year. And 2016– the progression of taking a picture with my kiddos. Rory was always doing something.

The last holiday season we put our heads down and plowed through. Thanksgiving was a week and a half after Rory passed. Then a couple weeks after that we moved across town. A couple weeks after that was Christmas. My birthday. New Year’s. Dax’s birthday. Rory’s birthday.

It all happened fast. And we just got through it. There wasn’t a lot of thought or intention in our celebrating.

This year there is.

I made rolls and pumpkin pie, and other traditional Thanksgiving feast items.

We’re talking about getting our Christmas decorations out.

I’m planning and buying Christmas gifts.

We’re settling in and trying to prepare for a Christmas season.

One where we celebrate on purpose.

With purpose.

As we’re coming to grips and actually living this new life, I’ve realized how much this purpose means to us. More than before.


All our hope lies in Jesus Christ.

He was born. The Son of God.

He died.

But lived again.

Lives still.

This Christmas season will be harder than the last. But this year, we’ll give more thanks.

This year, we’ll live with more purpose.

For her.

Because of Him.

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