Where are your shoes?

I think we can agree as moms that shoes are our nemesis.

The kids never know where they are. They take them off in different places. They thought they knew where they were. But then can’t remember where the shoes are when it’s time to go somewhere.

When I was packing up our master bedroom at the old house, I looked under our bed. I found a pair of Rory’s shoes.

Lost shoes.

I remember thinking at the time, this is the last time I’m going to find her shoes. They won’t be laying around our new house.

I hugged them to my body. Those little shoes. For my little girl. With her cute crooked toes.

Fast forward time, I walked into our closet and saw the box of decorations from Rory’s funeral service. Lots of pretty purple banners.

I lifted them out.

And there was a pair of Rory’s shoes. I’d forgotten about them. Lost.

I found Rory’s shoes one last time. In our new house.

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