Hitting Double Digits (Birthday Part One)

Tomorrow is Rory’s birthday. But I want to celebrate and love tomorrow. Today, I want to scream and cry.

If Rory was still here I probably would have written:

And just like this, my baby girl is 10.

My baby has hit the double digits. I can’t believe it!

I probably would have commented on all the growth she had this year.

How she’s made so many new friends.

I’d probably have commented on how fast time goes by.

About what an incredible young woman she’s becoming. How proud I am of her.

I hate that I don’t get to say these things.

That I miss out on so much with her.

I just want to scream today.

I miss her!

I want her!

It’s not fair she’s not here!

But mostly, I want to tell my girl:

I think about you everyday.

I listen for you.

I search for you.

I try to share love like you would have.

I love you, my sweet baby girl.


And ever.

6 thoughts on “Hitting Double Digits (Birthday Part One)”

  1. 10 was such a hard birthday for me to get through too. You did it though! My son’s birthday is two days before Christmas. It used to kick off our holiday festivities. Now it is a painful reminder that our holidays will never be the same. Keep writing! It will help!


    1. 10 was hard! It’s double digits! They’re starting to not be “little” anymore. Oh, that’s a hard way to start the holidays. When the joy was probably previously overwhelmingly present. Holidays are hard enough. You got through another season though! Much love to you. 💜💜💜


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