Memory- Rory’s Crooked Toes

I’ve been having Rory memories pop into my mind the past week. I laugh and smile thinking of her. Then I cry. Well, bawl.

I’m happy to share one.

I was thinking about Rory’s funny toes.

They were zany, just like her.

Her toes were completely uneven.

I remember playing with them when I nursed her.

I always wondered if her toes will flatten out when she started walking.

They didn’t.

Then my thoughts went to the last time I held her feet in my hands.

Within the hour of her dying.

I rubbed her feet as she watched Angry Birds on TV.

I held onto them.

I miss those crooked toes.

They were attached to one of the most precious human beings I had the privilege to hold in my arms.

2 thoughts on “Memory- Rory’s Crooked Toes”

  1. Did holding Dallin make you think of this? Some of his toes stick out too. I was really hoping rory could teach him about how awesome it is being a red head before he was born but looks like he’s not that great of a learner.

    I’m grateful you are sharing your thoughts with us and letting us see pieces of your journey. I love you steph.


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