Family Prayer

When we would pray together as a family at night, many times we would stay in a circle, holding hands.

Lance or I would say, “Time to pray.”



No sound of feet running our way.

Then we would say, “Someone else is going to hold mom’s hand.”

Mass running.

Children falling over each other.

Hands grasping at mine.

If Rory didn’t get there first, tears would fall.

Until one of the boys relented. And they pretty much always did.

Rory was a spoiled princess. And it wasn’t just by Lance and me.

During our church’s conference today one of the leaders said the above quote. “Families that prays together, ARE together, even when they’re far apart.

What a wonderful thought.

Our Rory running to the room, racing to reach my hand.

Even when she’s on the other side.

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