The year before Rory died, we took a huge vacation. The kids missed the last month of school. We flew to Florida and started with a transatlantic cruise.

We boarded the cruise. And the kids had so much fun!

We spent time in the Azores.

We lost our way through Portugal.

We discovered some of the beauty of Spain.

We walked the sacred beaches of Normandy and reflected at the graves.

Then made our way through England up to Scotland for 10 days.

Together, crammed in a car, driving on the other side of the road.

It’s time that we’re so grateful we took. Precious time that we didn’t know was so limited.

Now, Lance and I look for way to take the boys out of their regular life and spend lots of quality time together.

We’ve started our next adventure!

There was an empty seat in the six seat rows. Which is hard.

Hawaii!!! We were all up before 6 this morning, so it’s an early start!

We hope Rory stops in and enjoys some family time with us. We miss her.

1 thought on “Vacations”

  1. Hope your adventure is going well. Enjoyed your instagram pictures. I thought of the “empty seat” when I scrolled through your post pictures. Then you mentioned the empty seat was hard. Sorry. So glad you had that family time with Rory on your trip with her. Love you.


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