That Feeling After Death

I’ve been thinking a lot about death experiences people have shared with me. What they experienced when they died or had a near death experience.

A few have described being above their bodies. They talked about knowing what happened the minutes after they died.

Did Rory see me fight for her?

Did she see me do everything I could possibly do to keep her on the Earth?

Was she aware of the bargaining that was going on?

Take me. Not her.

Did she stay long enough to see family and friends gather around her?

Hoping for her. Praying for her.

Was she there when I ran my finger down nose for the last time in the ambulance to say goodbye?

The unknowns can be rather painful.

But one of the consistency in almost all of the stories was a feeling of peace.

She was experiencing peace.

She is at peace.

It’s a mantra I repeat over and over again in my head. Many times a day.

She’s okay.

She’s happy.

She’s at peace.

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