Finding Rory

This picture didn’t quite to the purple coloring justice. At all.

One way that I keep Rory with me is to find her in the everyday.

I look for things that remind me of her.

One of the biggest ways I see her is through the color purple.

As we were waiting for our Sydney flight at LAX, there were these big pillars in the city that lit different colors. When we stepped out into the terrace they were all a gorgeous bright purple. They stayed that way for a few minutes until they turned to half blue, then all blue. (I saw you too, Tommy.) I never saw them turn that bright purple again.

The next morning as the sun was coming up on our 15 hour flight, light began to show through our shaded windows. The whole plane was glowing purple.

What a beautiful color Rory shared with me. I love looking about our world and finding her through this color.

Purple is majestic and powerful.

For me, it’s love.

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