Reminder: She Still With Us

Last night I dreamt that Lance, Rory, and I went to the hospital to visit a friend that recently had a baby.

While we were there, there was a mom who just had a baby and was really struggling. I touch her shoulder and asked if I could hold her baby. She place the baby in my arms and laid back, closing her eyes.

I went to the bed next her where Rory and Lance were and sat on the end. Lance was pushing off the wall and making the bed glide back and forth. (Magical gliding maternity beds to rock babies! Genius!) Rory laughed and laughed with Lance as they glided together. Rory always loved having fun with her dad!

It brought a bit of peace to my heart this morning.

Rory’s still with us.

As we serve.

She’s still with us.

As we love.

She’s still with us.

As we have fun.

I really needed that reminder.

I miss my girl. 💜

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