Reminders of Rory

There are times that it feels like Rory existed in a different life.

We moved just a couple of weeks after she died.

So she never walked these halls.

She never had a room in this house.

She didn’t color on any walls.

She didn’t potty train, read stories, or play games here.

When I look around, there are no Rory memories.

She never set her sweet feet in this house.

A couple of months ago one of her socks fell out of one of her boxes in the basement.

I couldn’t bring myself to put it away or even move it.

It’s a reminder.

She was real. She was ours. We were whole.

We’re speeding (sometimes crawling!) toward the third anniversary of her death.

Three years.

That’s no time. And a lifetime.

I miss that girl! My soul yearns for hers.

I’m eager for the days that this life and our other life combine and we can be one again.

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