I went to Time Out of Women, an inspirational women’s conference, a couple of weeks ago. Michelle Schmidt was there. She is the wife of one of the Piano Guys, who made national news when their daughter, Annie, went missing in an Oregon forest a couple of years ago.

As she was telling their story of looking for Annie, she said that she would get “assurances.” Not assurances that Annie would be found alive. But assurances that Annie was okay on the other side.


I’ve been searching for that word for a while now.

I receive assurances. Assurances of two things.

First, it tells me Rory is okay.

That she’s happy.

That she visits us.

She’s still here.

But also good there.

It also tells me that I’m not forgotten.

In my grief.

In my despair.

In my missing.

It reminds me that I have loving Heavenly Parents.

It reminds me that I have people on the other side looking out for me.

A lot of times my assurances happen in snapshots. Just a quick view of her from time to time.

It happens in unexpected, quiet moments. Most of the time when I’m not even actively thinking of her. They never last long.

It’s like someone took a Live Photo and sent it to me.

Heavenly Live Photos.

Best Live Photo ever.

I’m so grateful for those assurances.