Faith Over Fear

I’ve seen the statement, “Faith over Fear” mentioned quite a few times on social media.

When I see it, I take a deep breath in. Then exhale exhaustion.

Do they know what that entails?

I walk on the edge of faith a lot of days. I put one foot in front of the other, working hard to stay atop the faithful mountain.

But the truth is: if I side step, I’m falling into the abyss of fear, doubt, and despair.

Having faith means keeping an eternal perspective.

Having faith means searching for hope.

Having faith means understanding that come what may, we’re able to say, “Thy will be done.”

The importance is where our faith is grounded.

Do people have faith that their family will be protected?

Do people have faith that their leaders know what to do?

Or do people have faith centered on Christ and that no matter what happens, they’ll be able to close their mortal eyes and open with eternal ones.

In my experience, the first two have failed. And the third is essential but isn’t easy. It’s continual work.

But on most days I’m able to steady myself on the edge and cling onto faith.

Today, I’m choosing faith.

Being a Bit Clingy

I’ve become quite clingy. There are things in my life that I just to to hold onto for dear life now.

My husband.

My boys.




And faith.

If I were to say my faith hasn’t stumbled, that would be a lie.

How could I not question? My daughter is gone. For the rest of my life.

But at times when the questions become overwhelming, I hold onto the things I know.

I don’t understand why Rory isn’t here. It’s not fair! It isn’t!

I cling to my faith that I’m going to see her again.

Life sucks! It’s so hard living without her.

I cling to my faith that I’m not going through this alone, that I have a loving brother, Jesus Christ, who knows my pain.

I understand that I won’t have all the answers.

The best I can do is hold on to those I love, trust in what I believe, and share as much love as I possibly can.

It’s not the life I thought I’d have but it’s the life I’m living.

And I believe Rory’s going to be right by my side.