Memory- Pancakes

Rory loved breakfast food. Well, our whole family eats a lot of breakfast food.

It’s not just for the morning!

When I would make pancakes, Rory would sit across the griddle from me and wait for the tiny pancakes. The little drips that happened as I poured each circle.

But Rory didn’t say “Pancakes”.

She said, “Pampakes.”

I remember Rory with each accidental drop.

Love you, baby girl.

Messy Faces- Rory Edition

While anxiety would attack Rory every once in a while, for the most part she lived her life free.

She was happy.


She gobbled up so much joy that at times it was all over her face.

A Memory— The List

Rory was, by far, my pickiest eater. The boys couldn’t get away with it. There were too many of them, close together. I needed them to eat what I put in front of them.

Rory, well, she had a list.

When it started there were five things she would eat:

Corn dogs

French fries

Chicken nuggets

Fruit snacks


Luckily, the list did expand. But I’d be lying if I said it got much healthier.

I’d have her eat broccoli. She’d gag it down. Literally, the entire time she was eating, she was gagging.

Every once in a while I’d ask her to try something and she would, with a smile, tell me that wasn’t on her list.

She was so dang cute saying that, I’d totally let it go.

Because of her “restrictive list”, I would always have her favorites on hand.

Buying those things are hard. Still.

But they’re on the boys’ list too.