It’s About Service, It’s About Love

Totes filled with donated school supplies.

One of the struggles when someone passes away is how do you keep them with you.

When someone does, they’re gone from everyday life. The concerns, the events, the joys, the sorrows, that person is no longer part of them.

Each member of my family has different ways that we include Rory in our everyday life. But one that we do as a family is her birthday service projects, which we turned into the Rory Ann Moore Foundation.

It’s a time we spend together. It’s a time we gather in her name.

Last night we sorted all the school supplies that were donated the last few months.

The boys were completely overwhelmed.

“Where did this all come from???”

They witnessed people dropping stuff off or see stuff come in the mail but to see it all together.

It brought tears to my eyes.

These were donated by people that loved Rory.

Donated by people that love our family.

Donated by people that have been touched by our story and the love we try to spread in Rory’s name.

I’m so happy to announce:

We surpassed our goal for school supplies!

If I said this a million times, it would never be enough.

Thank you!

Thank you for your love and support.

Thank you for reaching out.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

If you are still wanting to donate, we need the following food items to include in Rory’s Bags of Love: Goldfish, Cup of Noodles, and juice boxes. You can find details on the following page:


November is supposed to be a month filled with gratitude. But the truth about this November was that I wished I could have stayed curled up in my bed.

But since I couldn’t.

So many friends and family members showed up with love. You have been flashlights in our darkness.

Each day this month, different members of our congregation shared a message of something they’re grateful for. It’s been great having visitors nightly. To be reminded of all the wonderful things we enjoy in the world.

Around the anniversary of Rory’s passing, we received messages of love. We were reminded that we’re not mourning alone. Reminded that there are many that love and remember our beautiful Rory.

Among other things, our neighbors tied ribbons around our house, their houses, and light poles. One of my most emotional times is when I’m driving alone. I cry frequently. When I pull into our neighborhood and see the ribbons, I feel like I’m getting a hug. I’m reminded of love and support.

This November, I’m so grateful for friends and family and love and support.