That One Picture

I’ve had an aversion for a long time. For as long as I can remember.

This is totally just a crazy Stephanie thing. But I have never liked seeing pictures hanging on the wall where it was obvious one child didn’t make it to adulthood.

That one picture is dated in clothes and style.

It has more discoloring than the pictures that surround it.

That one picture didn’t get replaced year after year like the ones of his/her siblings.

Seeing pictures like that have always made me sad. I would look at them and think, that must be a constant reminder that, that child never had the opportunity to grow up. A missed future.

It just hurt my heart. It made me never want anything like it.

So much so, we never bought school pictures and hung them on the wall.

The pictures we hung up on our walls were candid and with more than one kid for the most part. Other than the canvas prints Lance had made for me for Mother’s Day a few of years ago. (See in picture below.)

I think that’s why pictures growing old affect me so much.

Now, that sad situation is my situation.

Our family picture wall is filled with pictures of our Rory. The face we don’t get to see everyday. And those pictures will probably never change.

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