A Halloween Memory

Wonder Woman attacking an unknowing Superman.

Last year, I was staying home to hand out candy, the boys were out with cousins and friends, so Rory was trick or treating with my sister and her youngers.

My sister called and asked me to send Rory over. I got her shoes on and sent her out the door. (My sister was at my mom’s, who lived right behind us.)

I gave away some candy. And maybe 5 minutes later my sister called again. “Where’s Rory?”

This was not an usual question. (And, unfortunately, still isn’t.)

My distracted, wandering wild flower.

I looked around a little then asked a neighbor that was trick or treating, “Have you seen Rory?”

“Yeah, she’s down the street with the Vriens family.”

She saw a group of her friends, forgot her destination, and just joined in.

But almost on cue, I see my cute Wonder Woman running back down the cul-de-sac.

After a quick hug, I sent her on her way to my mom’s to have an awesome night of family and candy.

Halloween Costumes

I have a DC comic shirt with three female Superheroes on them.

Rory loved it! Every time I wore it we talked about each of the women and their powers.

She had her Halloween costumes picked out for three years.

2017- Wonder Woman

2018- Super Girl

2019- Batgirl

We got one of those years in.

Man, I miss my supergirl.