She’ll Never be a Teen

I love watching my boys grow.

Being a teenager isn’t easy.

They’re trying to figure out who they are.

Who they want to be.

They’re forming their ideologies and questioning what they’ve been told.

They’re learning about friendships.

They’re having their first real crushes.

It’s an honor to stand beside my boys as they find themselves.

But as the boys outgrow me, the reality is hitting me.

Rory will forever be eight in my mind.

She won’t grow past that.

I can speculate.

I can wish.

But it doesn’t change the reality.

I won’t see Rory grow into a teenager.

No girl drama.

No late night talks.

No rom coms.

No talking about her first love and her first broken heart.

No getting ready for her first date.

No teenage fun.

Teenage years can be so hard to navigate.

But it would have been privilege to walk beside Rory.

WIFYR: Rory Ann Moore Scholarship for Teens

I help with a writing conference that happens every June, Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. It’s an incredible conference and has introduced me to so many amazing people.

A few years ago the conference head and dear friend, Carol Lynch Williams and I talked about having a workshop for teens. I loved the idea! All the writers at the conference write for children so to have a class dedicated to encouraging teens in their own writing pursuits seemed perfect.

It didn’t work out, until last year.

We had our first teen class!

And it was 100% on scholarship!

Carol and I worked on the class together and it was a success.

Unknown to me, the WIFYR committee named the scholarship in Rory’s honor.

It was so special to me.

The conference committee and the attendees have become a big extended family to me throughout the last few years.

And to honor my daughter in such a special way, in a cause that’s so close to my heart. It was amazing.

I love you, my writing family!

If you know a high schooler that’s serious about writing, please encourage them to apply. This is such an amazing opportunity!