WIFYR: Rory Ann Moore Scholarship for Teens

I help with a writing conference that happens every June, Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. It’s an incredible conference and has introduced me to so many amazing people.

A few years ago the conference head and dear friend, Carol Lynch Williams and I talked about having a workshop for teens. I loved the idea! All the writers at the conference write for children so to have a class dedicated to encouraging teens in their own writing pursuits seemed perfect.

It didn’t work out, until last year.

We had our first teen class!

And it was 100% on scholarship!

Carol and I worked on the class together and it was a success.

Unknown to me, the WIFYR committee named the scholarship in Rory’s honor.

It was so special to me.

The conference committee and the attendees have become a big extended family to me throughout the last few years.

And to honor my daughter in such a special way, in a cause that’s so close to my heart. It was amazing.

I love you, my writing family!

If you know a high schooler that’s serious about writing, please encourage them to apply. This is such an amazing opportunity!


Writing and Missing

Last year I placed in the Utah Arts Council’s Original Writing Contest.

The last picture we took as a complete family. Rory passed away 9 days later.

Writing is a rather solitary job. The kids can’t actively participate in what I’m doing. But this, they could celebrate with me. Throughout the ceremony Rory alternated between Lance and my laps. Her and Dax were so excited to see my certificate. And as you can tell, they both loved the food.

The Council asked me to come back and read from last year’s entry.

I did that today.

I’m so grateful for last year’s award.

Rory will not be able to hug me at any of my book releases.

She’ll never be able to tear open a box of my books with me.

But she was there with me for this.

That award will always be precious to me.

Because she was there.